Monday, March 24, 2014

My name is Frankie hailing from New Orleans currently living the dream in Manhattan.

I am here to be quite frank with you.

Two years ago today I found out I was HIV positive and my life changed forever ultimately for the better (a blessing in disguise). I was told to focus on the 'positive' and that life would be okay. Did I cry? Absolutely. I cried my eyes out but I could not change what had been done so I moved forward with a new mindset.

The 'Joe' you read about in the article ( was me two years ago. I am happy to say that today my health is impeccable and I am undetectable for almost a year and a half. Today I choose to let go of my secret and come out as an HIV + undetectable man who is comfortable in his skin and lives shame free. Being open about my status gives a sense of relief very similar to when I came out. I no longer have to remember who knows and who does not. This is me.

I am a bright, creative, happy, and healthy guy living life to the fullest. I hope that my coming out will help you think differently about HIV.

 Know your status. Live freely.